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Lilacs are in flower in November in Toulouse… in Dunkirk as well!  You have probably noticed, the climate is disrupted.  J.M. Jancovici, one of the best French specialists on climate/energy showed a pessimistic outlook on  global warming during the conference organized by the Environment department at Airbus in October 2017.  With no double talk, Jean-Marc Jancovici showed how a 2°C increase in the average world temperature would already be synonymous of a serious recession, very strong social and political tensions and very likely an upheaval of our lifestyles. 
As he stated, there is no reset button for climatic change.  It is a systemic phenomenon of long term and large extent. 

“The warning to humanity” launched by 15 000 scientists from 184 countries, published in Le Monde on November 13th, is categorical, “soon it will be too late to deviate from our trajectory that is doomed to failure, and time is of essence”. We need to mobilize and act to reduce our carbon footprint. But even if all of this is now well known, nothing, or nearly nothing is changing.  Ultimately, everything depends on political decisions and on the will of each of us, if expressed by actions, each at their level. 

Pierre Rabhi took for emblem the hummingbird.  The legend says that, caught in a forest fire, the animals assembled were paralyzed with fear, except for a little hummingbird, that placed a drop of water on the embers. Ridiculous? No, it is up to each of us to do his part, to start a movement of greater magnitude.  In this frame, Airbus can and must show the example.
Globally, by reducing the carbon footprint of our aircraft; electrical propulsion, green fuel, optimization of engines and airframe,  flight in squadron, optimization of air traffic management, etc.
But also locally, because even if it is a symbolic reach, reducing the carbon footprint of the 41000 vehicles that enter Airbus every day will concretely contribute on the one hand to improving the quality of life of the employees who spend more and more time in traffic jams, and on the other hand to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in Toulouse. 
The CFDT calls for more ambitious projects on improvement of employee transportation:

  • In the domain of teleworking, materialization of the experimentation of telecenters and extension to all of the periphery of Toulouse 
  • 100% electric shuttles at Airbus (powered by green energy) promotion of the utilization of electric vehicules on the Airbus sites
  • Promotion and security for travel by bicycle to work and implementation of a kilometric bicycle allowance   

In our previous articles from Le Petit Bleu 36 and 37, the CFDT called for the creation of a green investment fund, to promote green energy on the Airbus sites and to integrate an ambitious cost for carbon in our operational costs and our investment projects, these ideas are from among the effective measures from the call from 15000 scientists. 
Lets go! It is more than time… •

The video and the slides from the presentation by J.M. Jancovici are available on the HUB; it could be worth a look and share!

The article from Le Monde can be found on our Twitter account