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Airbus Group SAS and Airbus SAS Statutes Harmonization : HARMONY Project

During the first two negotiation meetings, the working time of non-cadres was the main theme of the discussion.

Management proposed two options:

  • A: Full Application of the Airbus SAS statutes to the Airbus Group SAS employees, but for the Management, due to its high cost, this solution would need to be financed on the non-cadres wage policy to come…
  • B: Application of a new single statute (37h45 of work weekly paid 35 and 16 days of RTT/ACT) to all non-cadres staff.

CFDT Analysis:

  • Option A is the solution claimed by the CFDT from the beginning of the dialogue on the subject. It would have an impact of 0.2% of the payroll of Airbus SAS. Management therefore has the means to finance this collateral consequence of a GEMINI project of which Management is responsible for.
  • Option B would have a positive impact on non-cadres forfaités employees (NCF, coefficient ≥ 335) of Airbus Group SAS (10 days gain of RTT and 15 minutes less per week) with an estimated annual cost of several hundred thousands of Euros that management would take over.

It does not, however, bring any profit in terms of compensation to non-cadres non-forfaités employees (NCNF, coefficient ≤ 305) of Airbus Group SAS, while the analysis of the Bilan Social shows that these employees earn on average 400 €/month less than their Airbus SAS counterparts. In addition, these same employees NCNF Airbus Group would lose the flexibility of the variable schedule and see the overtime threshold delayed by 1h45.
This option would not have no impact on the remuneration of non-cadres Airbus SAS.

The CFDT continues to claim alignment on the Airbus SAS statute model. If the option « Single statute » was the solution adopted by a majority of the social partners, then a significant compensatory measure should be put in place to accompany the 105 NCNF Airbus Group.