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AISC : Towards an increase in the budget following the action of the CFDT!

In July 2015, we wrote: « The CFDT in search of the lost contribution! »
Reminder: Following a unilateral decision by the management and the introduction of a new calculation rule, a reduction in the contribution made by AIRBUS to the AISC led to a 5% reduction in the budgets. The CFDT asked for clarification and after legal analysis demanded a return to the old rule.

After many adventures in which the CFDT was often alone (see Le Petit Bleu N ° 30 Nov 2015, n ° 32 Jul 2016), it is done!  Management announced its intention to review the contribution for FY 2017 in accordance with the initial calculation. The AISC will therefore benefit from the payment of a substantial balance which we estimated at € 1.6 M for 2014.

As a result, the AISC office (to which the CFDT participates) validated the increase in certain grants for the 2018 year: subsidized holiday vouchers at 40%, ticketing and subsidized subscriptions at 35%, return of a Fest-In-Live event…

Beyond that, the CFDT proposes that these additional resources (plus the remainder of the Treasury of the ex AIRBUS – Group, about 5M €), be devoted to the increase of the individual ceilings that have not evolved since 2015… (€1500/Ouvrant Droit; €1100/Ayant Droit).