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ALPHA: CFDT dreads an increase in unease within the accounting department (FE).

On January 22nd, Financial Management for the Group presented a report to the SEWC (European Group committee) on persistent difficulties in the FE department  (accounting department, 560 employees in Europe): alert on the well-being of the Staff, a constant work overload in the teams with systematic recourse to temporary workers, recurring concerns on operational activities and chronic delays in invoicing …

The radical prescription delivered by Doctor AIRBUS and his consultants (KPMG): GEMINI + ALPHA!!! Specialization of sites with a single site maintained by « CORE » countries and staff reduction … Big scalpel cuts and a severe diet!!!
In brief:

  • 125 job suppressions before 2020 (23 % of staff)
  • abolition of 5 sites (Broughton, Newport, Hamburg, Ottobrünn, Seville) out of 9
  • More than 150 relocalisations

It is beyond belief! How can Management believe that with such brutal methods, the well-being of the staff can improve and operational problems be resolved?

France, a priori, is not concerned with further declines of charges, but it does not escape the transnational waltz of the activities, which will result in changes in trades for the Employees.

Facing the criticism of of the SEWC members (including the CFDT), during the April 11th session, Management corrected its copy by maintaining the processing of ‘ Travel Expenses ‘ in every country and a part of the employees on the sites of Newport and Ottobrünn. But the objective of 125 eliminated positions is maintained. The scalpel cuts are less radical but the diet is still on the program.

The CFDT will remain vigilant concerning the respect of social measures (identical to those of GEMINI) which will touch the employees impacted by ALPHA.