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CE 23rd Feb 2018

1. Customer Services – Philippe Muhn + HRBP

Creation of a horizontal axis Operations (Thierry Rollin) and Digital Solutions (Norman Baker).
Planned creation of 150 new positions in 2018, of which 50 are open to external recruitment.

Digital Solutions: Skywise
Significant expectation of customers, especially in Asia. Very competitive.
Grouping of teams in Galileo and Copernicus.
Agile mode, showroom of development capabilities, work in collaborative mode.
No change of contract or place of work.

2. General Situation of the company JB Ertle

February 15th  publication of the group’s results are good.
For Commercial Airbus CA 50Billion €. Ebit 3, 554B€
Orders: 143 billion + 25%
Total orders €1 000 Billions
1109 net orders. Book to Bill = 1.5.

3. Information FISH Project – Franck Joly

Health & Safety platform.
Current situation is complexity/obsolescence of the tools Transnat/trans BUs + Regulation REACH.
New tool will cover 4 domains: risk assessment, occupational health, incident management or work-related accidents, environmental management.
Benefits: Better protect our staff, improve the effectiveness of HSE activities, prepare for the future, enable compliance.
Biggest change: Incident management.
Incidents will be managed at the initiative of the manager: initiation of the investigation and definition of the action plan, except a priori for road accidents (sensitization, statistics).

4. Projet ALPHA – réorganisation de la comptabilité – Cécile Jeanselme

Reflection on the harmonisation of the processes and the financial systems of tomorrow.
Decision to keep the skills in the four countries of the group. Toulouse is one of the key sites.
Impact studies are underway.
Current staff: 545 FTE of which 70 are interim. Willingness to reduce the share of temporary workers.
Downsizing because standardization of tools and consolidation of legal entities.
Iso-Workload in TLS, reduction on other sites. Very strong impact on OTN.

5. EcoPro

New FCM A320 organization.
The Commission requests that a dedicated accompanying plan for each people not selected as MFT Leader.