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CFDT Breaking News of the Dec. 18 CSE-E Airbus SAS


  • Considering the Social Plan progress at the Airbus Commercial UES level (90% achivement wrt target), the Management has decided to extend the volunteering period until February 28, 2021, for Airbus Operations Toulouse and Airbus SAS establishments exclusively (Airbus OPS Nantes and St Nazaire have achieved their job reduction objectives).
  • Opening for employees in direct eligibility (whose Professional Category is covered by the plan) of the DCAA 36 months.

Progress of the Plan:

Site Committee Toulouse + Blagnac :
Job cuts objective: 3378
Remain to do: 565 job cuts (from which we can subtract 120 measures of leave for personal convenience and loan of staff) => Remain to do Net: 445 

Blagnac establishment (AIRBUS SAS) :
Job cuts objective: 980
Remain to do: 316 job cuts (from which we can subtract 48 measures of leave for personal convenience and loan of staff) => Remain to do Net: 268

The CFDT has taken note of the new request of the Management, regrets that the APLD has not been extended to the functions for which this request is made and recalls its opposition to the individualization of the Partial Activity.
The CFDT notes that the Administration is not asking for “employment” compensation from AIRBUS, but is asking AIRBUS to open up a real internship offer for students while assuming its social responsibility.

As a result, the CFDT gave an absention statement on the request for an extension of the PU in 2021.

Regarding the use of Airbus screens for teleworking, the management published new instructions on Fridau 18 Dec. and authorizes the exit of the sites under certain conditions:


See on the HUB home page: Teleworking and IT equipment

To conclude, the entire CFDT Airbus team wishes you a very happy holiday season despite the particularly difficult context.