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Corporate governance and line 6…

In the framework of the public consultation of the future draft law entitled Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation (PACTE), the CFDT highlighted three proposals:

  • « To strengthen the presence of employees representatives in the councils of administration and supervision « .
  • « To generalize the presence of employees as administrators irrespective of the status of the company ».
  • « Redefine the social object for all enterprises with the rewrite of article 1833 of the Civil Code ». Today the latter takes into account only the « common interest of the shareholders » and considers the company as the sole shareholder property.

The CFDT wants the rewriting to incorporate other purposes such as social and environmental consequences and the specific role of the workers.
To Airbus we are far away from that. The statutes of the company Airbus SAS include a board of shareholders, which does not involve any salaried member, whose role is essentially oriented towards the policy of dividends and buying shares. The operational management of the company is entrusted to the Executive Committee. For the record, the statutes of ex-Airbus Group SAS included the presence of two salaried directors on its board of directors.

The survey Parlons Travail, carried out last year by the CFDT to which more than 200 000 participants replied, shows it well: 72% of employees want to be more associated with decisions that affect them, while 84% of them want to work In more democratic companies.

It is also interesting to note that even for less strategic decisions, but which directly affect welfare at work, management does not consider the opinion of employees. Let us take for example the question of Shuttle No. 6 which serves the station of Colomiers.
The management decided unilaterally to delete it, on the pretext that there is a Tisseo line, forgetting that the latter puts at least 20 minutes more than the shuttle to reach the station in the evening. The Airbus Transport Steering Committee has no members representing employees.

There is a long way to go together to democratize the company, while empowering it about the consequences of its activity for society.
This is the meaning of the action and the values of the CFDT.