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Cost of Living Premium

As the French State is a major shareholder in the company, it is necessary for AIRBUS to play its part in restoring national unity.

The CFDT AIRBUS is therefore in favor of the company paying a bonus of 1,000€ to increase the purchasing power of eligible employees (threshold set by the government at 3 times the SMIC (1)).

In addition, the CFDT AIRBUS is requesting that a smoothing measure aimed at mitigating the threshold effect is implemented for employees paid over 3 times the SMIC.

The AIRBUS management proposes to discuss this issue during the wage negotiations that will take place in January.

For the CFDT AIRBUS, the « Cost of Living » bonus decided by the government is a cyclical element and must be disconnected from the wage negotiations that are intended to lead to a permanent improvement in the buying power of the employees

By addressing all of these elements in a single negotiation, there is a strong risk that the Directorate will take back with one hand what it has granted the other.

Regarding wage negotiations, the CFDT AIRBUS notes with satisfaction Management’s intention to activate the “clause de rendez-vous” from the 2018 agreements.

  • For the CFDT AIRBUS, this clause aiming at protecting the employees from the slippage of inflation must apply to every employee, including “cadres” staff.
  • The CFDT AIRBUS underlines that it constantly claims an increase and a harmonization of the “salaire plancher” (minimum wage) (2) which is not the same in the different divisions or subsidiaries of AIRBUS Group.
  • Finally, the CFDT AIRBUS also claims the return of General Increases for all, including “cadres” staff, a request more than legitimate as today inflation is approaching 2%

(1) SMIC Mensuel brut 1498,47€ au 01/01/2018

(2) Salaire Plancher Airbus Avions 1715€, Airbus Helicopters 1685€, Airbus Defence and Space 1717€, Stélia  1672€