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CTO : Paul Eremenko leaves the ship

The rumor was running for a few days internally, the departure of Paul Eremenko for the American group United Technologies Corporation was confirmed last Thursday by Management. The CFDT was far from sharing the R&T orientations defined by Paul Eremenko for the group and was in total disagreement with the brutal methods that were used. The dismantling of AGI and disregard of the work carried out by the teams have led to the destruction of experts networks and a distressing technological and social mess.

The CFDT will not regret his departure, which unfortunately leaves the R&T of the group upside down and in the middle of a widely criticized reorganization.  

We will require explanations from the Top Management on this departure at the European Group Committee meeting on the 5th of December. In addition to the classic questions “what are his deliverables ? Who will replace him? What’s the road map?” , another question frequently comes up in conversations “what is the non-competition clause applicable when a manager at this level leaves Airbus for a supplier?”. •