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Airbus Management just launched a negotiation on the harmonisation of collective statutes within Airbus SAS.

Ex-employees of Airbus Group SAS who joined Airbus SAS on 1 July 2017 (GEMINI) continue to be governed according to the agreements of their original company. The objective of the negotiation is to define collective agreements, so-called substitution agreements, which will apply to all Airbus SAS employees.


Negotiations should be completed at the end of the first half of 2018 for entry into application of the new agreements on 1 January 2019.


Only the Airbus Group SAS agreements still in force are concerned by the negotiation. Group agreements (CET, PEG/Perco, inter-generational agreement…) continue to apply . The Airbus Group SAS agreements that came to an end (e.g. telework) are de facto replaced by the Airbus SAS agreements.


Concretely, the negotiations will focus on the following topics:
• Working hours: Organisation of working time, part-time, overtime, exceptional work and solidarity day
• « Astreintes » and « sujetions »
• Classifications
• Remuneration: Base salary, variable share and premiums
• Leave and Absence
• Other items: mobility policy, missions, Labour medals and retirement


Would the negotiations failed, the existing Airbus SAS agreements would apply to all employees of the company.

This negotiation, which specifically concerns Airbus SAS, is nonetheless part of the Airbus Management objective of harmonising collective statutes at Group level in France