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Health and psychological risks

Guillaume Faury has made safety at work one of his priorities: « Safety at work is simply insufficient for a company of our stature benefiting from such a brand image. I personally want to take a very firm stance on this because every accident generates human consequences. »

The CFDT approves this initiative, but wishes to draw Mr. Faury’s attention to the health of employees in the company and their exposure to psychosocial disorders.

For several years, the Social Report (Bilan Social) has shown a strong increase in absences for long-term illness and visits to the psychologist at work. This outbreak of psychosocial disorders is to be linked to the ever-higher pressure exerted on employees:

  • Permanent reorganizations and successive Social Plans.
  • New methods of « American-style » reorganization that wipes out the experience gained, where employees and managers have to re-apply on their « job », at ICT, CTO, at deliveries…
  • Digitalisation and new working method « Agile » that require major adaptation efforts from employees, without concrete mass training plan.
  • Disapointing implementation of Pulse Perf & Goals process that has only increased the discomfort by unnecessarily stigmatizing many employees and dividing some teams while all participate in the success of the company.

Discussions are open at the group level on quality of life at work, the CFDT insists that the pressure on employees and associated psychosocial disorders really be taken into account.