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The Colibri Tweets n°15

Anticipate I+X Transformation

a reorganization… to follow

The principles of the “ANTICIPATE” reorganization were presented to the Airbus European Committee (SE-WC) by Sabine Klauke (CTO) on Monday 17 January.

This new organization follows on from those already in place, in engineering with COMPASS and in the Technology (R&T) field with TRUST, with the aim of bringing together the two Engineering and Technology communities. The first and main effect of ANTICIPATE is the reduction in the number of direct reports to the CTO (40 today) and the repositioning of certain Technology organizations (Central R&T, Innovation, Group Demos, Fast Tracks) under a new box (Disruptive R&T ). The teams in charge of R&T coordination at group level (with A-H, A-DS…) will always report to the CTO. R&T (Airbus Commercial R&T, Demonstrators XO, etc.) will retain its prerogatives, in terms of decisions, budgetary authority, HR, etc.

At this stage, there is little change in sight in operational terms.

Global Business Services (GBS) / Airbus Portugal

Anticipation is needed

This 100% Airbus subsidiary located in Lisbon had the initial objective of hosting the transversal services of Bombardier which were positioned in Costa Rica. The ambition now is to extend the activity of GBS to the transverse processes of Airbus in Europe. The targeted areas are Reward, finance but also HR, legal, etc. Three development mechanisms will be used: the reinternalisation of activities (travel expense, HR reporting, etc.) which were previously carried out by subcontracting and sometimes outside Europe, the creation of new positions and finally the transfer of positions from core countries (F, G, E) to GBS.

311 positions will be transferred between 2023 and 2025, including 122 from France, i.e. around 40 positions transferred per year. Attrition will be used but insufficient.

There will be no forced transfer or mobility. Special support in terms of training and redeployment will be implemented for the employees concerned.

The CFDT asks that all employees who would like to use a redeployment solution in 2022 be taken into account and supported with the same system and the same conditions as those planned for 2023-2025 and that these numbers be deducted from the overall objective .

More precise information should be communicated to us on Friday January 27 in CSE-E.

Progressive retirement

Applicable to day passes: the CARSAT has so far refused to apply it to employees on day passes, because it does not recognize the reduced day pass as part-time. The Constitutional Council ruled in February 2021 that the fact of reserving its application only for employees on an hourly package, instituted a difference in treatment contrary to the principle of equality before the law.

Law n° 2021-1754 of December 23, 2021 has just corrected this anomaly. It is now possible, for an employee on a day package, to take gradual retirement without having to go through a modification of the employment contract to switch from the day package to the hourly package.