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Négociation Annuelle Obligatoire 2018

Now that the inflation shows signs of vigour (1,1 % in 2017, it could exceed 1,3 % in 2018), the CFDT claimed the return of the General Increases for Cadre staff. In number of companies, the CFDT has signed 2018 agreements containing this measure which guarantees the purchasing power for all the employees: Liebherr, Air France, Hydro Building Systems (ex Technal), Poclain … The CFDT regrets the dogmatic refusal of the Management.

The NAO not being limited to the only field of the remunerations, the CFDT asks for the harmonization through the top of statutes of Non Cadre and Cadre staff, in particular on:

  • The acquisition of the seniority days
  • The compensation of the absences for disease: is it acceptable that the salary of a Non Cadre is maintained for a shorter time than that of à Cadre in case of long disease?

The CFDT claims a wage policy of 3.4% at the level of effort required from the employees and consistent with the company’s financial results.
Note that the general meeting of Shareholders has just approved the 11% increase in the dividend raising it at €1.5.