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New Quality of Life at Work (QVT) Group agreement

The first negotiation meeting of a new Airbus Group agreement on Quality of Life at Work (QVT) took place on 19th September.

QVT should not be limited to the work environment, but should allow to act on all the elements that may represent a risk, especially on the psychological health of employees. The CFDT emphasized the importance of setting up employee expression groups in order to give them the means to act locally on the organization of work, to encourage initiatives and ideas and leave room for the expression of individual and collective feeling, in compliance with laws, agreements and regulations.

A section on the expression of employees will be included in the agreement, but the CFDT insists that the scope on which employees can and must play a role is not limited to the ergonomic dimension of the job or the environment, but indeed to the local organization of work which may be related to health deterioration risks.

The CFDT notes with satisfaction the prevention and action against acts of harassment and violence at work.

This agreement must also include the right to disconnect, imposed by the law of August 8th, 2016. The Management changed it into a « right to connection and chosen rest ». While recognizing the need for certain specific sectors to remain connected outside the opening and closing hours of the sites due to operational constraints, the CFDT insists on the responsibility of the company and the vigilance it must exercise vis-à-vis the hours and workload of its employees.

Responsibility for working hours and workload should not rest solely on the shoulders of employees, in a context of increasing pressure.