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Paul Eremenko’s Departure : The disruptive letter

On December 1st, the employees of Airbus R&T received a letter from Paul Eremenko in which he highlights the results of his actions at Airbus and explains his departure.

This sudden departure, in the end did not surprise anyone, other than our top management perhaps, but certainly not the employees who were curious enough to have a look on internet at Paul Eremenko’s CV. At 38 years of age, he will integrate his fifth company over a period of only 8 years. Our top management, before recruiting him, would have done better to verify his cursus and to challenge him a bit more on his compelling results.

The CFDT comes back to this letter from which we will put to side the literary passages, which are for the least incongruous. After years of « institutional communication » practices by Airbus Management, we could not hope to avoid double talk. When we read it, we are served over and above our expectations (in blue, extracts from Paul Eremenko’s letter; in italics, our comments).


Over and above this lightning-speed passage of a leader, does this fiasco not illustrate the failure of the Group’s governance ?

The CFDT regrets that since the loss of influence of the founding countries within the Board of Directors, the Top Management of AIRBUS Group acts with no counter-power challenging them or regulating their decisions and their impact in the field. The prevailing feeling is that of an absent Board of Directors and of a command chain obliged to apply orders with no criticism allowed.

Airbus is a major and strategic company for the founding countries and is often taken as an example of success through European cooperation.

In order to ensure the sustainability of our company, it is time, for the CFDT, for the management and social organizations to be improved by incorporating means for counter-powers harmonized at European level: staff representatives on the Board of Directors, tolerance for alert launchers, attentiveness to feedback from the field…

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