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PULSE : Feedback in question

Feedback from the employee assessment process was introduced as a result of the European negotiations Perf & goals for Band 4 employees. Remember that at the beginning of the negotiations, management had proposed a rating based on « stars », similar to a « Trip Advisor » type… Eventually a more serious and professional system has been set up based on motivated feedback from stakeholders (internal clients, network…).

In France, the management decided to immediately extend this feedback system to the entire Cadre population (pos. 1 to 3). The CFDT had judged this extension being premature because giving feedback is not neutral and would have required a minimum of explanation and training.

The CFDT would like to make two important reminders to employees and managers:

  • Persons designated as being able to bring feedback on an employee shall be identified by mutual agreement between the employee and the manager (with the exception of N + 2 who is necessarily part of the stakeholder).
  • Giving feedback on a colleague’s performance is not a neutral act! and is never anonymous. Keep in mind that a negative remark is archived 3 years and can be used.

In case of doubt, the stakeholder may refuse to provide feedback.