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Substitution agreement

All employees do not have the same collective agreements

Within Airbus SAS, all employees do not benefit from the same collective agreements. In fact, the former employees of Airbus Group SAS, under Airbus SAS contract on 1st July 2017, continue to be governed by the agreements of their original company.
There are differences between the agreements of the two companies and not all of them are trivial.
For example, did you know, without going into the details, that Non Cadres Non Forfaités employees under the Airbus SAS agreement have a higher working time of 4.86% for a higher remuneration of 14% compared to their colleagues from Airbus Group SAS and benefit from RTT leave?

Another difference is that the ex-employees of Airbus Group SAS benefit from 3 days of additional leave when reaching 57, while the Airbus SAS agreements provide for 3 days when 60.
These unequal situations will continue until the entry into force of the so-called substitution agreements, which are to be negotiated before the end of 2019 and which will apply to all employees of Airbus SAS.

The CFDT calls for the opening of the negotiations in order to define a common collective status as soon as possible. Be convinced that the CFDT will defend the interest of all employees and a harmonisation of the agreements from the top.