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Substitution agreements – Harmonisation of collective statutes

End of the consultation phase
This first phase of the project identified the differences between the agreements of Airbus Group SAS and Airbus SAS. Many differences exist. Some are minor, others much less, as for example those concerning the working time of non-executives (see Le Colibri #1 of December on our app CFDT Airbus planes).
During this consultation phase, beyond the comparison between the agreements of the two companies, the CFDT highlighted the differences in treatment between Cadres and Non-Cadres in terms of compensation for absences for sickness, a premium in case of mobility…
The CFDT asked management to take advantage of this project to put an end to these discriminations of another age.
The CFDT noted, in support of its comments, that this type of discrimination was not being done at Airbus Defence and Space.

Start of the negotiation phase
The aim of the CFDT is, of course, to move towards harmonisation by the top of the agreements.
The first negotiating meeting is scheduled for March 13th.