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The Colibri’s Tweets n°12

IM is burning !

Let’s take a look: a pandemic, a health crisis, an economic crisis, the aeronautics sector hit harder than ever (our company in particular), a major social plan, the departure of experienced employees without any real transfer of skills, moves of offices… what were employees lacking in this storm? A reorganization?
That of IM has been effective since January 1, 2021, the deployment date has been maintained despite this already heavy and tormented global context.
This disorderly reorganization due to the health crisis and the related work arrangements, uncomfortable and disturbing for all those concerned, generates a lot of stress and anxiety. Faced with this, management offered only weak responses, such as « stress detection webinars » etc … therefore, it is up to the employees to resolve their stress management problem. What if we tackle the causes?
Yet article L4121-1 of the labor code obliges the employer « to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of employees ». The obligation of safety is an obligation of results, and not only of means, this last point seems to have been omitted so far.
Understanding that such an organizational change is above all a moment of human transformation, our Management could have ensured a restructuring of the IM function with less impact on the health of the teams … it was a failure for this one!
How many more colleagues in distress, or even on sick leave, will it take for our leaders to understand the extent of the emergency?  

Change of e-ticketing service provider

Meyclub, a subsidiary of ProWebCE, will replace Kalidea from January 1, 2022, offering a wider range of shows, leisure parks and local providers.
As a result of this change, it is necessary to clear the back-to-school vouchers on 12/31/2021.
Christmas checks will be sent this year by registered mail to your home in the form of a checkbook so take care to update on the AISC site your contact details in your profile and the information concerning the beneficiaries of your household.


This disease affects 1 to 2 in 10 women, yet little is said about it, however disabling it may be. The replay of the webinar « Endometriosis: a struggle of women at work » organized by CFDT Cadres with EndoFrance (association approved by the Ministry of Health) is accessible by following the EndoFrance YouTube channel Webinar CFDT Cadres : l’endométriose, un combat au travail) and on Webekio (https://webikeo.fr/webinar/l-endometriose-un-combat-des-femmes-au-travail-webinaire-cfdt-cadres-9/replay/BHsHFX2d2UbcCahY2EvC). If you have any questions or need support, you can contact us to help you find a solution.

Right to union information :

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