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The Colibri’s Tweets n°13


The 26th edition of Pride in Toulouse took place on Saturday 9 October, after a 2-year absence. This demonstration is an opportunity to reaffirm our fight against all forms of discrimination.
Pride@Airbus was present, the CFDT also, as well as representatives of the following associations:
Le Refuge, which is an association that accommodates and supports young LGBT +, aged 14 to 25, rejected by their parents, expelled from the family home, because they are homosexual. or trans and / or in questioning of identity.
L’Autre Cercle (LGBTQI + association working in the professional environment)
Solidarity parents: dialogue between parents, gays, lesbians and bi, their families and friends.
Pride@Airbus : https://sites.google.com/airbus.com/prideairbusfrance/actualit%C3%A9s

Allowing everyone to develop fully at work and in society is one of the conditions for emancipation, a value dear to the CFDT.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or someone close to you is being discriminated against.

Labor medal

If you have been working for 20, 30, 35 or 40 years, you can apply for the medal of honor for labor awarded by the State and intended to reward « the seniority of the services carried out by any employee or assimilated person drawing this occupation most of its resources « . Its award is accompanied by a bonus from Airbus, the amount of which has been fixed by company agreements. The procedure for obtaining it has changed: all the procedures are now incumbent on the employee who will have to connect to the website of his prefecture of residence (https://www.demarches-simplifiees.fr/commencer/mhtravail), obtaining the bonus will only be made after the official allocation by the prefecture,
Be careful because if you fall behind in requesting a medal, it will simultaneously delay obtaining the next one!

Unemployment insurance: the CFDT files a new appeal with the Conseil d’État

As last May, the trade unions decided to form a united front by simultaneously filing on 8 October five summary proceedings before the Council of State against what they consider to be yet another provocation on the part of the government towards jobseekers.

Convinced of the uselessness and injustice of such a reform, the CFDT will continue, by relaying concrete examples which will be given to it, to demonstrate that, far from reducing unemployment and precariousness, this reform constitutes before everything « a machine to save money on the backs of precarious workers and unemployed ».


Conference on the future of Europe: Airbus is a European company and the CFDT wants to carry its project of a democratic, ecological and social Europe, also the trade union section CFDT Airbus Avions invites you members, sympathizers and more broadly all Airbus employees to get involved in the European debate by accessing the multilingual digital platform and posting your contributions or as participants organized on themes as diverse as climate change, the EU in the world, digital transformation etc: https://futureu.europa.eu/?locale=en

If you want to learn more about the CFDT’s position, visit Syndicalisme https://syndicalismehebdo.fr/article / to-us-citizens-and-activists-to-say-europe-what-we-want


AISC suffered an attack last week. In order to continue to benefit from AISC services, we recommend that you download the AISC + application. To protect yourself from ransomware, follow the recommendations published by Bercy which, although intended for companies, find an application for employees

Maison du Vélo

The ILôvélo mobile antenna offers repair and overhaul services every Thursday in the AISC car park: repair in the workshop or by appointment, testing and rental of different types of bike, marking but also advice on routes personalized, documentation and initiation to cycling apps.
Registration: ilovelo@maisonduvelotoulouse.com and / or by tel 0749790407


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