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The Colibri’s Tweets n°14

IM Burning ! (continued)

Following the numerous alerts that we have made to management regarding the situation at IM, we were able to voice our specific demands to respond to the urgency of the situation.

First, we believe that in the face of increased workload, it is inappropriate to make employees responsible for saying NO to customers.

Second, regarding the detection of stress and suffering at work, it cannot be understood by employees that it is their responsibility to detect the unease of colleagues. The message is poorly expressed.

Finally, for the CFDT, it is the source of the employee’s ill-being that must be addressed. The main source of discomfort potentially comes from the organization of work and it is the employees themselves who can and should be able to speak out and be heard about the improvements needed to do quality work.

The CFDT will make specific proposals in this direction.

SII News

The year 2021 will have definitely been tough for the SII population. After the COVID crisis, the adaptation plan that left some sectors bloodless, the uncertainty linked to the lack of visibility as to the real impact of the establishment of the Customer Care Center, a simple move set fire. In fact, at the beginning of December, the Customer Care center will be set up at B22. Concretely, personnel from Engineering will reinforce the SII teams. This new organization will be located at B22, while the new building planned to house the Customer Care Center is built.

Everything had started rather well, with the collection of the needs of each team in terms of office layouts, and co-location of the teams. Unfortunately, the teams were disillusioned when the first draft were presented to them, far from the initial wishes: teams from the same department broken down into different modules, on different floors. An additional drop of water in the vase already full of SII! After several meetings and discussions, and our intervention with the HR function, things seem to be back to normal.

One can nevertheless wonder about the appropriateness of this new arrangement. Indeed, with new arrivals, it was necessary to remove meeting rooms and other discussion spaces. The teams are mostly located in large open spaces, with up to thirty people. Without solution for having conversations elsewhere than at the workplace, we can already fear a deterioration in working conditions, especially in terms of noise.

The CFDT is alerting management to the need to take care of this population, which has been badly damaged by a difficult 2021.

Health/ Prévoyance

As the RELOAD negotiations on the harmonization of provident insurance agreements have started, here are the main points of attention for the CFDT:   1)  IPECA is a joint non-profit organization whose financial surpluses must be used to improve existing guarantees, to create new ones, to strengthen the quality of services.

To date, IPECA has millions of euros in reserves (beyond statutory reserves), yet Airbus is in a very poor position compared to companies of comparable size (see table below).

IPECA contributions are high, reimbursements and quality of services are not up to the expected level.

Nota Bene : an increase in complementary health contributions on 01/01/2022 has been announced of 13.4% for Confortis and 51.2% for the compulsory paid supplement for ADS.Examples of reimbursement between comparable companies :

lower bound *Airbus (without complementary)ADS (with mandatory paying complementary)Higher bound *
Optics : frame + 2 simple glasses250€240€860€350€
Orthodontics  (per half year)194€484€870€580€
Alternative medicine68€0€272€136€

* 2020 data provided by Airbus Management

The CFDT asks for a better reimbursement in the basic regime (excluding supplementary) by using the reserves (therefore without paying more).

2) The level of guarantees of the prévoyance regime is very different between Cadres and Non-Cadres to the detriment of Non-Cadres.

The CFDT asks for Non Cadre regime identical to the Cadre regime.

Bone marrow donation

In France, thousands of children and adults are waiting for bone marrow transplants to treat diseases such as leukemia. In 80% of cases, bone marrow donation is done by blood sample. The CFDT is very attached to the French model of donations: volunteering, anonymity, free, and as such, intends to support any donation action. To be able to donate, all you have to do is register and to do so, be between 18 and 35 years old at the time of registration (but you can remain registered and donate bone marrow up to the age of 60 inclusive). https://www.dondemoelleosseuse.fr/tout-savoir-sur-le-don-de-moelle

Obituary Notice

Management has abandoned the sending of “obituary notices” which had the merit of maintaining a link between employees, in a company for which unity and team spirit are of the utmost importance. The CFDT considers that relying on local managers and word of mouth to circulate information about the death of an employee is reaching its limits, while turnover and reorganizations are increasing. Treating employees with respect helps reduce stress and psychosocial risks.

The CFDT asks that the obituaries be again distributed as before the Covid crisis.

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