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The Colibri’s Tweets n°16


RELOAD is the acronym that designates the negotiations undertaken at the level of the Airbus group to “harmonise, modernize and simplify” the social statutes of the various companies in the group. Here are the different stages and the analyzes of the CFDT on RELOAD.

  • September 30, 2021:
    Signature of the METHOD AGREEMENT. Negotiations will continue, topic by topic, until mid-2024.
  • November 8, 2021:

Direct application of the agreements resulting from RELOAD at Airbus SAS, Airbus Operations, Airbus Atlantique, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus DS, Airbus ATR, GIE ATR, Airbus DS Geo and Navblue.
Possible application and a posteriori of all or part of the RELOAD agreements in the other subsidiaries.
The pre-existing group agreements continue to apply in all the companies of the social perimeter (that is to say all the subsidiaries with more than 50%, as well as the subsidiaries with 50% or less which have joined), and will continue to apply until new agreements replace them.



Since November, 6 negotiation meetings have already taken place on this subject, which concerns supplementary health and welfare cover (long-term sick leave, disability, death benefits).

The CFDT considers that 2 areas for improvement should be explored compared to the current situation:

The group’s basic supplementary health insurance is not very generous, and leads many employees to take supplementary supplementary cover at their own expense (except at Airbus DS and Airbus DS Geo, which benefit from mandatory collective supplementary cover of a good level, with employer participation).

The system is very unfair, non-executives having higher contributions for identical benefits for complementary health but lower for providence. Thus, for an employee with less than 5 years of seniority, the maintenance of remuneration in the event of sick leave is limited to 45 days for non-executives, against 3 months for executives, and the death benefit for the family is 150% of one year’s salary for a non-executive and 310% for an executive (case of an employee without children). It should be noted that at Airbus DS and Airbus DS Geo, non-executives benefit from the same conditions as executives. It should also be noted that the New Collective Agreement for Metallurgy, which could apply from 2024, restores fairness with regard to the maintenance of remuneration in the event of sick leave for non-executives.


Two negotiation meetings have taken place since the beginning of January. If the intentions of the Management are not clearly expressed, it insists a lot on the fact that the situation is very disparate in the Airbus group, that the employees benefit from a lot of seniority, age, or related to family events, that employees do not take all their leave, and that should be harmonized and simplified… all these convolutions do not bode well in this area. Let’s wait and see.


The New Metallurgy Collective Agreement, which could be signed on February 7, will introduce, if it put in place, a revolution in terms of classification, with a single grid replacing the 2 current Cadre and Non Cadre grids, and a process detailed rating which should significantly reduce the arbitrariness existing in the current system. A consultation has therefore been initiated within the framework of RELOAD, on how to implement this classification. For the CFDT, it is important, in the spirit of the New Collective Agreement, that the employee be involved in the process that will lead to his new rating. We also invite all employees to be attentive and to inform themselves on this subject. The CFDT will provide you with as much information as possible in the weeks and months to come.


The other topics (Working Hours, Hybrid Working / Teleworking, Remuneration, Employee Savings, Social Responsibility, Occupational Health and Social Dialogue) will be addressed according to the timetable approved in the method agreement. We will keep you informed as progress is made.