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Since January 2018, it is mandatory for companies to have a corporate mobility plan aimed at optimizing travel by promoting the use of alternative modes of transport to the individual car.

It happens regularly that employees spend 1 hour stuck in their cars to leave Airbus sites after their day of work… However, we are more and more people using bicycles and public transport, and bike parks are saturated. In addition, cycle paths to the sites are discontinuous and cyclists are sometimes put at risk to be able to take certain routes (between Cornebarrieu and Colomiers and close to the airport).

The CFDT calls for adopting ADEME’s recommendations to implement a real business mobility plan: In addition to protecting the environment, the mobility plan contributes to improving the quality of life of employees. According to ADEME, « The measures must respond to a detailed analysis of the characteristics and needs of your employees. Above all, they should not be imposed by management, but result from a concerted approach. « 

The Airbus Transport Steering Committee does not include employee representatives, which is a shame since they are the main ones concerned by this issue. In addition, the mobility plan must make the site more accessible by improving cycling and pedestrian routes, shuttles to SNCF train stations, public transport services, and increased bike parking opportunities.

The CFDT encourages all initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of our transport and wishes that they are part of a multi-modal global optimization scheme that is not limited to the fences of the company.